Niagara 4.13U2 available for MAC36NL

Today we are celebrating always evolving Niagara Framework! iSMA CONTROLLI is pleased to announce the availability of the latest 4.13U2 version of Niagara Framework® on Hybrid IoT Controller MAC36NL.

The latest update of Niagara is focused on promoting customer success in smart building and IoT deployments. From the largest enterprise customers to small single-site building owners, Niagara 4 is designed to enable end-users to directly access, analyze and act on a wide range of operational data in an easy, customized and secure way.

So, what’s new? Niagara 4.13 expands functionality in visualization, rapid deployment, security, Edge, connectivity, certification and IT compliance.

  • HTML5 Niagara Network Station Manager View: Offers improved user experience with drag-n-drop function in HTML view. Access the Station Manager view from a browser running on the local (or remote with VPN) network for added flexibility.

  • Certificate Manager Enhancements and HTML5 View: Provide access to Niagara’s Certificate Management for the IT network admin persona through just a browser eliminating the need for Workbench. As of Niagara 4.13, TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 are still supported for backwards compatibility, but it is recommended to use TLSv1.2 and higher. Also Https Cert: selects the certificate to use for Web TLS. The default self-signed “default” certificate only provides encryption and does not verify the server. As of Niagara 4.13, for certificate protection one can set a unique private key password or select the global certificate password option. Refer to the Niagara Station Security Guide for more information.

  • Haystack 4 Support: Haystack 4 represents the latest update to the Haystack Tag Dictionary. Tagging eliminates problems associated with non-standard point naming schemes and onforms with Division 25 and the prospective ASHRAE Standard 223P.

  • Modern Authentication Support for Email Service for Microsoft 365/Exchange and Gmail

  • SysLog Integration: Collect all Niagara logs in a centralized location and meet security requirements for integrating standard IT tools for analyzing log files.

  • Analytics Module update

  • and more!

The latest software version 4.13U2 will soon be available for our flagship MAC36PRO controller. Stay tuned!

If you want to learn more about Niagara 4.13’s features, check out our Niagara 4.13 feature summary presentation. 

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