Co-operation, experience, engagement, and respect are the tenets of the organizational culture of iSMA CONTROLLI employees. We work in teams, and the effects of our work are the end result of the knowledge, innovation, the sharing of experiences, and respect in relationships.


Internships and training

We are open to share our knowledge with graduates, students, and candidates in the early stages of gaining work experience. We organize internships and co-operate with universities, foundations, and organizations working in the fields of science and vocational training.

Development of experts and engineers

We value knowledge and experience. We create a great environment for developing new projects, realizing original ideas, and continuous improvement.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Friendly recruitment

The recruitment process progresses through a few necessary steps in a friendly atmosphere with minimal difficulty.

Work introduction

A new employee receives support with the purpose of onboarding and organizing their position. We make every effort to ensure that they integrate with the environment and feel like a part of the Team.

Job offers

Specjalista ds. zakupów

Specjalista ds. zakupów
Do działu Zakupów poszukujemy Samodzielnego Specjalisty/Specjalistki.

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Zapewnianie zakupów w zakresie podległych grup materiałowych…

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