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Experience new levels of control, comfort, energy efficiency and cloud management with Intelligent Solutions Managing Automation, for small, medium and large buildings.


Multi-site Building Management

Leading IoT cloud platforms to manage multiple locations to optimize and reduce overall energy costs.

Small and Medium BMS

Cloud-enabled controllers powered by the Niagara Framework with HMIs for maximum efficiency in small to mid-sized buildings.

HVAC & Plant Control

DDC Controllers designed for advanced control and integration.

Comfort Management

Integrated comfort management to reduce energy cost while providing an optimal environment in commercial buildings.


Optimize integration process by creating one common building system using network gateways.

I/O Modules

Simplicity of integration and installation with truly open range of BACnet and Modbus I/O modules.

Control Valves & Actuators

Wide selection of control valves for room, zone, HVAC and industrial processes with a perfectly matched range of analog, network and smart actuators.