iSMA CONTROLLI is a company operating in the field of building automation. Our purpose is to build an international brand that helps to make buildings better places to live and work through innovative solutions for well-being, security, sustainability, and efficiency.


Over 85 years of experience

iSMA CONTROLLI with over 85 years of experience in manufacturing control valves, actuators, and intelligent building automation systems offers a reliable and trusted solution for every application.

Comprehensive product design

- from concept to the final product


Innovative Solutions

We offer the perfect solution for projects of all sizes that can be implemented in both new and existing buildings, increasing comfort and energy savings. 

Teams combining experts and engineers

Centers of excellence employ passionate engineers specializing in mechanical engineering, building automation, and electronic design.

Teams combining experts and engineers allow us to create technologically advanced products and innovative solutions, which simplify the user experience throughout a whole lifecycle of a building.

Product design and manufacturing in the EU

Product design and manufacturing take place in the European Union. iSMA CONTROLLI operational centers are located in Genoa, Italy, and Gdansk, Poland. A total area of more than 8 000 square meters houses production, R&D, technical support center, sales, and warehouse.