About us

We are the iSMA CONTROLLI S.p.A. capital group operating in the field of building automation, formed by two companies: Controlli (present iSMA CONTROLLI Italy S.p.A.) and Global Control 5 (present iSMA CONTROLLI Poland S.A.). 

Our purpose is to build an international brand that helps to make the buildings better places to live and work through innovative solutions for wellbeing, intelligence, sustainability and efficiency.

With the joint activities and the integration of the teams and products of both companies under one brand, iSMA CONTROLLI creates an international player in the building automation market – a pioneer in providing state-of-the-art solutions in the BMS world.

We create the world of intelligent, eco and advanced iSMA CONTROLLI solutions. We offer the perfect solution for projects of all sizes, implemented in both new and existing BMS systems and increasing living comfort and energy savings.

At iSMA CONTROLLI, we care about places where people live, work, study and have fun. From optimizing building performance to improving safety and comfort, we strive to achieve the results that matter the most. Thanks to our solutions, we make buildings safer, more convenient, more efficient, sustainable and finally more reliable.

Our mission is to establish long-term relationships with partners and to help their clients develop advanced projects based on energy efficiency. iSMA CONTROLLI operates through direct sales on B2B channels and distributors in more than 50 countries around the world.

The commercial network is made up of direct officials and a dense network of agencies, coordinated by the offices in Itlay and Poland and by the commercial offices in Milan, Padua and Rome, to ensure widespread coverage for business-to-business channels (systems engineering, OEM) and for that of end-users through a network of authorized resellers. Meet our sales team

Our daily work is all about the customer. Our passion for quality, reliability and respect for our stakeholders and the environment is visibly reflected in our teamwork. The management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 represents a 360° quality guarantee that involves not only the product but also the management of the production, logistics and sales processes. Here you can find our Quality Policy in English or Polish.

Thanks to the commitment of our team, we aim to act quickly and professionally in all areas of our business, adapting innovative solutions to our customers’ needs and providing them with immediate support through the use of friendly and convenient interfaces.

iSMA CONTROLLI has two production and design sites where activities are carried out in the name of modernity, technological innovation and, last but not least, respect for the environment and safety: in Sant’Olcese (Italy) for valves and actuators and Gdansk (Poland) for controllers, I/O modules and panels .

Download our Company Presentation for more details.