The goal of the training is to learn the basics of programming controllers, getting familiar with the dedicated software for configuration and programming of our devices and portfolio, learn about the Niagara Framework and how to create applications and visualizations running on iSMA-B-MAC36NL powered by Niagara controller.


We offer 3 types of training - 3-day iSMA Products powered by Sedona, 5-day iSMA Products powered by Niagara and trainings on the E-learning platform which do not require the assistance of a trainer.

Our trainings are for beginners. 3-day training is the first step for anyone who enters the world of iSMA CONTROLLI, and 5-day training is for all those who have completed our 3-day training.

Yes, but only one that is equipped with Sedona or if the participant has his own Niagara license above version 4.6.


Registration can be done through the registration form Register

Yes, we will contact you after receiving your reservation.

We conduct our trainings mainly in Warsaw and Gdansk for request.

We recommend 3 hotels in Warsaw, which are located a short distance from the place of training Check

If the training is to take place in Gdansk - please let us know and we will help you find suitable accommodation.

Yes, please read the training agenda. 3-days training 5-days training

We provide lunch included in the price of the training as well as coffee, tea and a small snack.

Yes, if the online training requirements are met. Check requirements

Yes. Our certificate entitles you to provide support for iSMA products.

Yes, an exam is carried out on the last day of each training, which summarizes and verifies the consolidation of knowledge.


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Training place

The headquarters of

Wiśniowy Business Park, building D, 1 Sierpnia 6 Street, 02-134 Warsaw

Phone : +48 22 290 00 13, +48 58 573 12 13


Transport options

The nearest airport

Airport Frederic Chopin

Recommended taxi corporations:

Ele Taxi +48 22 811 11 11
Super Taxi +48 22 196 22
Sawa Taxi +48 22 644 44 44

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