MAC36PRO. Performance. Redefined.

By combining the latest software technologies with extensive hardware development experience, iSMA CONTROLLI has created the most versatile and powerful controller powered by Niagara on the market. The MAC36PRO, with 36 I/O, stands out for its compact size, versatile peripherals, and robust local visualization, making it the go-to stand-alone controller for effective building management.

The MAC36PRO expands our line of Hybrid IoT Controllers MAC36NL, a mini BMS platform that combines high-quality hardware manufactured by iSMA CONTROLLI with the well-known Niagara Framework. MAC36NL has been recognized numerous times, winning the IoT Product of the Year at the Control Trend Awards 2020, being a finalist for Technical Innovation of the Year at the 2021 BCIA Awards, and also winning the Best Product in the Building Automation Category at the 2022 AHR Expo Innovation Awards. As befits an innovative company, we didn’t stop there and the MAC36PRO comes with multiple hardware upgrades.

A single controller to operate the building.
The new iSMA-B-MAC36PRO controller offers a range of benefits to both customers and installers in the small and medium-sized building market. The controller is freely programmable and provides comprehensive control, data logging, alarming, scheduling, integration, and visualization in one package. The device uses the latest revision of BACnet available in the Niagara Framework, including BACnet/SC.
High-Performance Hardware.
Powered by a robust Quad-Core 1.6 GHz processor, the controller ensures efficient operation and a smooth user experience. Using a 64-bit iSMA OS (Linux) and 2 GB RAM allows for multitasking and faster processing.

Storage and Data Management.

The inclusion of an industrial-grade 8GB micro SD card provides ample storage for valuable building data, enhancing data management capabilities.

And what else?

Scalability and Expansion.
The two RS485 ports allow for easy expansion of the 36 I/O, accommodating additional I/O or field devices to meet evolving needs. iSMA CONTROLLI offers a range of 22 different Multiprotocol I/O modules with both BACnet and Modbus onboard, which are a perfect extension of the controller. Integration via M-Bus facilitates a direct connection with energy, gas, or water meters, enhancing overall building management.
Cybersecurity and Connectivity.
Two fast, independent Ethernet ports ensure a secure solution for both IT and OT networks. The controller can integrate with cloud and analytics solutions, providing a forward-looking approach to building management.
Cost-Effective and Future-Proof Design.
Designed with a focus on cost-effectiveness, the controller offers a future-proof solution for small and medium-sized buildings. Suitable for multi-site solutions such as stores, gas stations, schools, etc., providing flexibility and scalability.
Local Visualization and User Interface Capabilities.
The controller connects to HMI panels for local visualization, enhancing user interaction and monitoring capabilities. Equipped with HDMI and Ethernet ports, it facilitates display options and user accessibility. iSMA CONTROLLI offers a range of panels from 7 inches to 15 inches for both control cabinet flush mounting and installation in modern offices.
Energy Efficiency.
The controller’s advanced technology and efficient design contribute to energy efficiency in building operations.
Ease of Installation and Operation.
The all-in-one solution simplifies the installation process and provides ease of operation for both installers and end-users.  
Industrial-Grade Components.
Industrial-grade components like the Quad-Core processor and micro SD card ensure durability and reliability in diverse building environments.

Powered by Niagara Framework.

The Niagara Framework is an IoT software platform developed in accordance with the ISA/IEC 62443 OT cybersecurity standard that not only provides robust cyber security measures, ensuring that sensitive data and control systems remain protected from cyber threats. Niagara’s flexibility allows users to customize and scale their control systems according to evolving needs and technologies, further maximizing the value of MAC36 controllers in a variety of applications.

The MAC36PRO controller is ready to be used in multi-site solutions, with a focus on cost-effective, future-proof design and energy efficiency in building operations.

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